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 This game was previously available on another server, completely 
 unrelated to this one. That version has now disappeared (probably
 dived into a hole on Z'har dum or something) and so I now present
 it here. I've slightly modified it, but it's pretty much intact.
 All you JMS worshipping drunkards should love it.
 If you are the person who actually wrote this thing, write to me (my
 email address is on the site somewhere) and I'll give due credit.

Character Drink Events :

 * Sip whenever BESTER uses his powers, intimidates or angers someone
 (Double for non command staff), becomes the target of an assault,
 disparages "Mundanes/Normals" or makes a smartass comment.
 * Sip whenever CARTAGIA does something that makes it clear that he's
 not playing with a full deck.
 * Sip whenever CORWIN announces something is on an attack vector, triple
 if he gets more than two lines within a five minute period.
 * Sip whenever DELENN says "In Valen's name" (Am I the only one who 
 would feel silly worshipping Sinclair?) or "there are beings in the
 universe...", lies or doesn't tell the whole truth, wears trousers,
 has or talks about problems relating to the fact that she's half human,
 takes charge or acts like the cavalry (and gets THAT look in her eye...
 you know the one...) and when she kisses Sheridan. 
 * Sip whenever FRANKLIN talks about death, shoots up a stim or treats
 a patient (double if the patient dies...and this doesn't include the 
 alien doctor from "Contemplations and Lamentations".)
 * Sip whenever GARIBALDI fires a weapon, looks around befoire saying a
 line, watches Duck Dodgers, says a "Garibaldi-ism",has a scene with food,
 breaks the law, goes on at Franklin about his stim problem, acts 
 suspiciously (that's most of series four then...) or outfoxes anyone.
 * Sip whenever G'KAR grimaces, talks about "my planet/people etc.", acts
 like Jean d'Narn, does something sneaky, or makes a speech Yoda would
 have been proud of.
 * Sip whenever IVANOVA is blunt/rude/short with someone, wears sleepwear
 on camera (oooooh...please...), talks about sleep (double if she tries
 to tell Sinclair he needs more), talks about being Russian or Jewish,
 talks about her past or family (double if she twists a conversation to
 become a rant against Psicorps), gets propositioned or innuendoed (triple
 if it works), is seen on a White Star with Marcus or makes an Ivanovism
 (Ivanova is always right etc.)
 * Sip whenever KOSH does a Yoda type fortune cookie thing, pops up in
 Sheridans head or acts all mysterious.
 * Sip if KOSH MK. 2 acts like an arse.
 * Sip when LENNIER gets into Minbari fighting stance (double if he actually
 hits, starts rambling and someone, triple for the camera...),gets 
 interrupted (Thank you Mr. Data...) or discusses old Minbar rituals.
 * Sip whenever LONDO takes a drink, says "My good/dear friend" or "Go a-vay"
 does something sneaky, tries to cheer Vir up (double if he actually succeeds)
 or gets wracked by conscience.
 * Sip whenever LORIEN talks about the first ones, refuses to interfere, interferes,
 or helps Sheridan.
 * Sip whenever LYTA gets pissed off or shows signs that she's being messed around
 by the Vorlons or Shadows (double if she shows that she ain't P5 no more...)
 * Sip whenever MARCUS makes his pole bigger ;), talks about being a Ranger, shows
 off (double for smug grin or deeply serious expression to accompany it.) or makes
 a Marcusism.
 * Sip whenver MORDEN smiles, gets advised by an invisible shadow beastie, arranges
 for and/or oversees an execution, acts suave or psychotic, or says "associates" or
 "what do you want?"
 * Sip whenever SHERIDAN is the target of an assasination attempt or smear campaign,
 makes a difficult decision or earthshattering announcement, mentions his father or
 Anna or says "Hell".
 * Sip whenever SINCLAIR becomes the target of an assasination attempt or smear
 campaign, makes a difficult or earthshattering decision or shows a hint of emotion.
 * Sip whenever TALIA acts coy, seems about to blub,talks about how hard it is to be
 a Psi, or suffers because of her powers.
 * Sip whenever VIR is either shows huge amounts of backbone, or a lack thereof, acts
 as Londo's conscience or gets Londo out of the shit, does anything that makes you
 want to call him Flounder or delivers the cool line when Morden asks him what HE 
 * Sip whenever ZACK has a conflict of loyalties, moans about something (double if its
 his uniform) or refers to Garibaldi as "the Chief".
 * Sip whenever ZATHRAS says something Zathrassy, cowers or makes a slip of the tongue.
 *Sip when a major character gets so emotional they just have to make a speech.
 *Sip when a major character is incensed to violence.
 *Sip whenever command staff appear out of uniform (double if they're wearing Starfury

Race and alleigance events

 * Sip whenever any non human comments on the curious customs/ behaviour of Humans.
 * Double gulp whenever first contact with a new species is made.
 * Double sip when any alien actually speaks their own language. Triple if anyone
   speaks a non human language that isn't their own.
 * Sip when anyone says "Homeworld".
 * Sip when a vorlon speaks (double if it says "good" or "yes", triple is it says
   anything coherant) or is seen out of it's encounter suit (double for its true
 * Double sip whenever a Vorlon appears off Babylon 5.
 * Gulp when anyone mentions Centauri Genitalia.
 * Sip if a shadow creature is heard, triple if it's also seen.
 * Gulp whenever a Shadow ship screams.
 * Sip whenever you see the nightwatch symbol on something other than armbands,
   you see a nightwatch member hanging around in the background, someone calls a 
   nightwatch meeting, or the command staff use an outside force to circumvent
   Nightwatch and all the other political jiggery pokery.
 * Double sip if a major character's loyalty is questioned by Nightwatch, triple 
   if it's to their face.
 * double sip for every time someone uses telepathy, triple for appearance of any 
   member of the 'corps other than Lyta, Talia or Bester.
 * Double sip whenever a Ranger other than marcus or ranger one appears.

Fights and stuff

 * Sip when a PPG is powered up ( you get the little whine.)
 * Sip for every brawl.
 * Sip when a fighter is destroyed (double if it's a starfury. Gulp if we knew who was in it.)
 * Gulp whenever a huge ship (Earthforce Destroyer, Narn Cruiser etc.) is destroyed.
 * Gulp when a certain large space station bites the big one in a future/ past echo thing.
 * Gulp when any big space station really gets whacked.
 * Gulp for "tear jerking" battle aftermath scenes. ("Gropos" anyone?)
 * Sip whenever a comlink is used.
 * Sip when a jumpgate is activated.
 * Gulp whenever a gateless jumppoint appears.
 * Sip when anyone watches ISN (Gulp if there's nothing else on.)
 * Double sip for any vision of the future (gulp if its really a funky 
   causality destroyingly real encounter.)
 * Sip for a flashback to the past (double if it's to any point of the Earth - Minbari war.)
 * Sip for any referance to Epsilon 3, the great machine or Draal.
 * Double sip for any mention of Mars or the Free mars movement (gulp if a Doctor has sex with no.1
   while a ranger is left playing with his pole outside...)
 * Double whenever someone repeats the end of a line.
 * Sip for gratuitous CGI for CGIs sake.
 * Gulp for gratuitous philosophizing.
 * Sip for a gratuitous Baywatch style Slow mo shot or cheeezy music.
 * Gulp for big plot giveaways.
 * Gulp for every in joke type reference (Netter's syndrome, Hyperion etc.)
 * Cheer wildly whenever JMS' name appears on screen.

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