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Oh my God, it's Me....

Me.How do I describe me. Well, My real name, as you may have gathered
from the top of my front page is Dave Munro. I'm 24 years old, I
finished my Biochemistry degree at Stirling Uni in Scotland in 
June'98, and a Masters degree in Clinical Biochemistry
at Surrey University in Guildford, England one year later.
I'm now living in Enköping, Sweden, looking for work and learning the

I've got hair that can't make up it's mind whether it 
wants to be dark brown or black, sort of browny-green eyes, stand 
about 6'1" tall and was recently weighed at 90 kilograms. That's 198lbs
or about 14 stone in English. I must have seriously bulked up recently
if those are accurate.

I like all the things you can find here on my little corner of the
web, including playing American Football, having just hooked up with
the Uppsala 86ers of the Swedish Superserien, following a career in 
the British College league, and playing RPGs, especially 
"Vampire : the Masquerade", "Call of Cthulhu" and "Fading Suns".
I don't do AD&D because it's shite.

The other major love of my life is music. I play Drums and Bass
Guitar, though I'm not in any bands right now. I listen to prety much 
anything, from Miles Davis to Metallica, Mozart to Motorhead. Just so
you get an idea...these are the albums that have been spending the 
most time on my stereo lately :

1) Barenaked ladies "Gordon"
2) Varsity Blues OST
3) REM "Automatic for the people"
4) Metallica "S&M"
5) Lots of Sisters of Mercy stuff.

Not exactly a cross section, but possibly a reflection of my moods
lately. I've included a few music links elsewhere, but mostly to bands
noone apart from me seems to have heard of, so they get the exposure I
think they deserve. 
Current band everyone should listen too but doesn't know about:
All Star United. Cool band from Nashville, TN. 
Like Blur but ten times better. Anyone from outside Sweden will
likely never have heard of Thåström either...he was top of the 
Album chart over here a while ago...damn cool music.

Oh...ther is one other love in life - my wonderful fiancee Helena,
without whom my life would be completely unbearable.

Film of the month is GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS (if you like brainless, obviously
plotted movies that don't leave you time to breathe anyway.) Otherwise it's
MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2...which is Bond by any other name frankly.

That's your lot. All you realy need to know about me, without touching
on the interior...and exploration of my psyche is not recommended 
without the six month training course and a wetsuit. I've thrown in a few 
pictures of me warned.

A Picture of Me...

This is me in the summer of '98...taken at half time in a game of American Football I was playing in in Cardiff. About as good a pic of me as you'll find, though the scan leaves something to be desired.


This is me actually playing (number 46 on the right side of the picture.) in January '99 I think...we lost the game.


This is me after graduating from Stirling uni in 1998, with my wonderful and beautiful fiancee Helena...who wants it noted she objects to any and all photos. I've put this one up anyway, because I think its's pretty good, (though again the scan isn't) and she looks as fantastic as ever.

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