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The LochThing's RPG page

From my own pen

Uppsala by night
I had the pleasure of studying in this fine Swedish city. During my time there I put this together...the city as a setting for Vampire : The Masquerade.
True Brujah
My version of the Vampire clan
Irn Brujah
A silly scottish clan for more humor orientated Vampire games.
Mark Lloyd
A Vampire : The masquerade character I've been playing for two and a half years now. After spending a lot of time being him I'm rather fond of are his stats and background.
Stirling by Night
A second Vampire setting: Background by me, details by Bekka Fitzgerald, with input from several friends. Located at Bekka's ever-increasingly lovely site.
COMING SOON - Sept of Gaia's Blade
The werewolf side of Stirling by Night. The sept of Gaia's blade, forced into an uneasy alliance with the kindred of the city to ward off the greater taint.

The works of others

White Wolf Online: Homepage of the people who brought you the groovy World of Darkness games.
Holistic Design: The folks behind the rather fab "Fading Suns" RPG.
Zanzibar's WoD archive: Just about everything on the net related to the WoD.
Camarilla UK: central page for all the V:TM LARPs being run accross fair Albion.



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