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The True Brujah

 The Brujah clan of today's Camarilla are misnamed. All contemporary
Brujah are the blood descendants of Troile, Brujah's own rebellious 
childe, who became one of the Antidiluvians by commiting diablerie on
his sire.
 Troile was by far the most ruthless and violent of Brujah's chosen - 
a great military strategist and scholar, but possessing a foul temper
that led easily to frenzy. As his own childer he chose warriors, with
only a few being of a more scholarly turn.
 When Troile destroyed his sire in rage, he grew terrified of the
repurcusions of his frenzied actions, the vengeance of his sibling 
kindred. Giddy and unstable from the blood of Brujah coursing through
his veins, ha started on decimation of Brujah's other get. He slew 
them all so none would remain to evidence his crime save those of his
own blood.
 All? no. Not quite. Troile was a warrior, and had shown interest only
in those disciplines that lent him better control over his armies or
fiercer combat ability. He never bothered to master the discipline that 
was special to his sire...the discipline of Temporalis. Power over 
time. A few of Brujah's get used their powers in this discipline to 
escape their brother's holocaust. These secretive and hidden few gave
rise to a seperate bloodline...or looking at it from another angle, 
kept the original clan alive. They and their get are the True Brujah.
 Today, the True Brujah are rarer than honest politicians. They are
secretive and paranoid, terrified that their true nature will be their
downfall, terrifies that Troile's get would continue the holocaust.
This trait is especially noticable in the elder members of the clan,
who form the bulk of this line. Younger members tend to be wary, yet 
more desperate for acceptance in Kindred society than their sires...
these are those individuals who go to the rants and proclaim themselves.

Toeing the line... there is an official White Wolf line on the True Brujah, to be found in "Dirty Tricks of the Black Hand". On top of this there are a couple of versions elsewhere on the net with similar themes. I don't give a damn. I'm not buying the book and I wanted to use the clan in a game I'm running, so made up my own rules. Here I'm making them available to the world at large so people may use it, or use some of my ideas.

Nickname - Seen as a myth, the True Brujah don't have a nickname.
           Once, many many years ago, they were called the Weavers,
           as they wove the strands of time.
Appearance - True Brujahs are still primarily scholars, but they are
             also very physical, and it is not uncommon for a college
             athletics star with a good school record to be taken as a
             childe. The true Brujah like to blend in and stay alive.
             Subject wise, they prefer Physicists and Historians.
Havens - Always near universities or Research institutes of some kind,
         and always more secure than Fort knox.
Clan Disciplines - Celerity, Presence, Temporalis.
Weakness - True Brujah will, in times of extreme stress, get a dose of
           what younger members of the clan refer to as "Scratched 
           record syndrome". They lapse into a time loop, repeating 
           actions or phrases of speech. A successful willpower roll is 
           required to break the loop. They also have a tendancy to get
           stammers, twitches and amnesia.
Backgrounds - True Brujah are not social creatures, tending to have
              Mental attributes as primary along with knowledges, with
              physical attributes and skills secondary. Common
              backgrounds are Mentor, Influence and Resources.

Temporalis : Discipline of the True Brujah

* Divination :
  The True Brujah always know what time it is, and can unconciously
time periods between events. Most usefully, they will always know how 
long remains until Dawn, though this may get confused by travelling
over several time zones...such as flying accross the Atlantic.

** Hindsight :
   Similar to the level three Auspex power of Psychometry, but with 
more detail, if fewer of them. A roll of Perception + History is
required, difficulty 7. The character can discover facts about people,
places or items they touch. The higher the number of successes they 
the further back they can see.

*** Prophecy :
   The character can untangle the threads of time to discover the MOST
LIKELY future. This can obviously change if actions call for it to.
Perception + Occult is rolled against a difficulty dependant on the 
distance into the future the True Brujah wishes to see.

**** Flicker :
   The Character gains the ability to step out of time for a second, 
existing in limbo for a moment, return almost instantaneously. This
is often enough to make a blow go straight through where the character
was, and if combined with the level one discipline makes the character 
almost unhittable in combat. The character spends one action doing
nothing, but nothing can be done to him. They return exactly as they
left. Roll Wits + Dodge against difficulty 7 (only one success needed).
This power costs one blood point to use, and thus isn't an infinite
dodge ability.

***** Persistance of time :
   The True Brujah can induce time loops in a localized area, ignoring
the most fundamental laws of causality. Time may be stopped, rewound
and looped at will...well...nearly. A maximum of thirty seconds (two 
actions may be looped, and the character can make the target area or 
person repeat the loop until they get enough cumulative successes on a
willpower roll (difficulty 7) to equal the number of successes the True
Brujah gained on a Intelligence + Occult roll (Difficulty 8). To even
be allowed the chance to do this though, the loopee must realize what 
has happened with an intelligence + occult roll (difficulty 7- number
of loops already been through.) Alternatively the effect ends at Dawn,
which could provide a messy end...
    The power costs 2 blood points per use.

****** Eternal Haven :
   This is an extended flicker. The True Brujah is able to stay in limbo
for a period of time up to their willpower in days, if they pass a 
wits + stealth roll (difficulty 8). The 1 blood point per day metabolism 
continues even in limbo, and a willpower point must be spent to return
to the real world.

******* Flux :
   At this level of time control, the True Brujah is able to disconnect
himself from time, so he can make it pass faster or slower around him.
In simple times, if he wants to cram more actions into a turn than would
otherwise be possible, he just needs to slow down time. If he wants time
to pass faster around him (a long journey for instance) he can. 
Mechanisms and such do not move faster, only the vampire himself.
This requires a blood point to be expended and a successful manipulation
+ Subterfuge roll. (Difficulty 9). The number of successes gained is the
number of extra actions gained by the manipulation. Celerity may NOT
be used in conjunction with this power.

******** Otherwalk :
   The character's ability to cause rifts in the space-time continuum
has become so great that they can now step sideways into the spirit world.
The character gains access to the three levels of the umbra (take a look at
the relevant Mage and Werewolf books.) To do this he rolls Intelligence + 
Occult at difficulty 9, with the same effect as if a Lupine attempted
this manouever. A botch is a very bad thing. The power costs a willpower
point to use. Any trouble from Garou while in the Umbra is the character's
own fault.

********* Step back :
   The character may step back along the path of history to any point he or
she wishes, back to the Big bang if they really want...though they WILL die
if they try it. This is not easy, but can certainly have it's rewards.
The required roll is Intelligence + History, difficulty 10. It requires only
one success, but also costs three blood and a willpower point. The character
can return to the present with the expenditure of another willpower point,
but if they travel in the past, they will return to the present where they
were...they wouldn't go back to the place they originally stepped back from.
Characters also have to remember, the sands of time at home are always flowing.

********** Time Travel :
   No Character should ever get this power. Only one individual ever knew it,
and as Brujah is dead he is unlikely to pass it on. That said, it is rumoured
that at some point Brujah travelled forward in time - for this is what
level 10 of temporalis allows - to gehenna. He may well be at the big armageddon
party! if you really must use this power and all its hideous consequences (you 
know that your player would think of something) then use the same system as
level 9.