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Uppsala by Night

The quiet university city of Uppsala lies in eastern Sweden, to the north of Stockholm. The city grew up around the university that is its lifeblood and the church, which dominates the city skyline with its cathedral. Students are everywhere in Uppsala, forming roughly a sixth of the 180 000 population. The city is also home to a small number of the damned childer of Caine...Vampires...

Uppsala has a long and torrid history. To read its details click here.

Today there are nine kindred permanantly resident in the city, though there are often a few more kindred living in the city for short periods - for study or some other purpose. It has become a decidedly eerie place, with a feeling of age, like that found in old and rarely used libraries. Ancient and quite wonderful architecture mixes with more modern styles to give a very strange feel to the city, and the quiet that pervades the city after dark feels unnatural...sending a chill through the bones.

Paticularly unnatural is the presence that has risen on the eastern side of the river that bisects the city. No kindred can enter the area of the city affected by this terrible miasma of fear. The last kindred to show interest in the affected area were one of the city's Tremere, Fredrik, who vanished under uncertain circumstances, and the one kindred of the city who refuses to accept this limitation of his wandering a city he has inhabited for nearly a century, a Gangrel named Sven. Uppsala's kindred tend to be insular, absorbed in their studies, though the disappearance of a powerful Tremere in their home is seen as a very bad thing with such a major Tremere stronghold as Stockholm so close by, but as the Tremere's only response so far has been to assign Fredrik's childe, Christina, the task of finding him, Ragnar feels wary of this situation, fearing the old hostilities between Stockholm and Uppsala may begin again.

Uppsala is a city of shadows, and within those shadows lie many secrets that could very well bring the city to it's knees.

The Supernatural side of things

The permanant kindred residents of Uppsala are:
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Ragnar Ericsson : (Prince of the city, 7th Generation Brujah. d.1400) A tall, slim man, of obvious nordic descent. First impressions are to give this chap respect. His steely eyes and intimidating presence are very reminiscent of a School Headmaster. Ragnar has spent his entire life and subsequent unlife studying and is one of the wisest kindred the characters will ever likely meet. Uppsala is HIS city since Henrik left, and as long as noone interferes with its smooth running he's a happy kindred. Making him unhappy is most unwise. Sven Johansson : (8th Generation Gangrel. d.1790) A historian specialising in the Norse, embraced by an old Viking warrior. Sven came to study in Uppsala first as a mortal and later as a Cainite. Quick to temper, Sven prefers his own company, and is curt with anyone who doesn't immediately gain his interest. A typical Gangrel, though tempered with a very keen mind. His appearance relates his loner attitude. Seth : (9th Generation Kiasyd. d.1894) A former Oxford don, embraced for some enigmatic reason by the most enigmatic of Bloodlines. A very secretive individual, though not a loner. He is extremely well long as people don't mind talking to shadows. His only real interest is his studies, though he will aid any who show enough intelligence to merit his help. Pieter Gustafsson : (11th Generation Malkavian. d.1950) A very strange little man. A mass of neuroses and complexes, all wrapped up in a cheap suit, loud tie and a lab jacket. This Biologist is much liked and pitied by the city's kindred. He is quite mad...boasting serious agrophobia and a paranoid fear of other people (the only person he really trusts is the Tremere Christina) among his eccentricities, along with fairly serious bouts of manic depression. A workaholic, but still not above the occasional practical joke...malicious or not, dependent on his wildly fluctuating moods. Christina Stenstrom : (9th Generation Tremere. d.1978) The Childe of Fredrik the missing Tremere, sent to try to find her sire. Christina is seriously out of her depth, and while she is a talented researcher she has found no leads and is getting worried. She is pleasant, fairly pretty, but exceedingly nervous. That said, she is determined to find her sire, and it is this determination that keeps her going. Per Andersson : (8th Generation Brujah. d.1973) It all went wrong for Per when he was he didn't react to the experience very well. he flipped, and is now a brash, loud and extremely over confident Anarch, of the sort who are all talk and no action. He has a gang of youths he thinks give him power, but is really not much of anything anymore. Ragnar despairs of his childe, hoping one day the prodigy he embraced will return to the fold. Per changes his opinions and appearance daily. He's very antisocial and aggressive. A truly tragic figure. Ulrika Stromberg : (10th Generation Toreador. d.1966) Ulrika arrived in Uppsala ten years ago, having been embraced by one of Stockholm's Toreador. She now runs the principal concert venue in town, Babylon, which can be found in the shadow of the castle. She would be an artiste if she thought she had the talent, but she knows she was primarily embraced for her looks - she is the sterotypical tall blonde and busty Swede. However, her sire did not realise she had a keen brain as well. Ulrika now claims her art lies in providing entertainment and fostering its development. Her sire now dislikes her, hence her move from her home city. Stefan : (11th Generation Nosferatu. d.1945) None of the kindred of Uppsala can remember when Stefan arrived. None of the kindred really know anything about his life prior to the embrace. None of them really want to know, and Stefan is reluctant to answer questions, hinting at some great shame in his past. All that is known is that he is a highly skilled Linguist who treasures the quiet life that is provided by Uppsala. The truth is that he is a former Nazi translator, who fled germany in 1945 and was embraced while passing through Amsterdam. This fact he will hide as long as it is possible, for while he never did anything worse than translate intercepted communications, he feels extremely ashamed of what his allies did. Fredrik Persson : (8th Generation Tremere. d.1817) Fredrik has been the head of Uppsala's Chantry for decades. Mostly this is because he WAS the chantry, having tired of the power games that kept most of his clan's swedish members in Stockholm. Ragnar was initially hostile to Fredrik when approched for permission to reside in Uppsala but, after many nights of debate, the two found themselves with much in common and had become firm friends and allies, each aiding the other with their studies. Fredrik is small by local standards, standing only 5'9" tall, and is also a little overweight. Fredrik went missing six months ago, and has not been seen since.
In addition to the kindred, Uppsala has several other supernatural residents:

The garou have come to loathe the area around Uppsala recently, seemingly driven away by the taint that now hangs over the city. There was one pack that formerly patrolled around the edge of the city -- a pack of Get of Fenris, the Storm of Thor, from a caern to the north west of Uppsala. However, they now shun the city and are only rarely encountered by the city's kindred. The leader, Hammerfist, is a member of the Fangs of Garm camp, and as such formerly had strained relationships with Ragnar, but it has been many years since they last met.

Two mages are resident in the area, having loose ties to the chantry that is located in Stockholm. They are collaborating on studies at Gamla Uppsala, investigating what truly lies beneath the mounds. They are Tomas Rekkensberg of the Dreamspeakers and his pupil, an Euthanatos by the name of Mikael Svensson. The two keep themselves to themselves. Tomas is growing old and fears his time will soon run out, and so is turning into an increasingly frustrated workaholic.

The Wraith population of Scandinavia as a whole falls under the rule of the Dark Kingdom of Ice. This kingdom - an entirely seperate entity from the Heirarchy - is a society derived from that of the Vikings. The Shadowlands are akin to Valhalla, with Combat and song being the order of the day. Politicing occurs between a variety of clans that have derived from the various groups of Vikings and their descendants. Non-norse are treated as second class, unless they died in battle, in which case they are honoured thpough may never rise to any sort of power. The Uppsala area is dominated by the largest clan - Clan Snow Fox. The city attracts the more thoughtful warrior, and is rich in bards as well as fighters. In addition to the vikings are many academics and students from accross the years who have had to adapt to the viking way. Most are somewhat uncomfortable with this, but accept it. Pathos is drawn mostly from Curiosity, frustration, despair and all the other trappings of academia.

Changelings are rare in Uppsala. They do not for the most part like the imagination crushing that the University life inevitably involves. While Uppsala is a young town, full of ambitious and promising minds, Changelings seem unable to stomach the whole concept of learning - feeling it takes away something of the romance of life wrapping it up in laws and theories. In fact, the kindred of Uppsala know of only one changeling in the city, and even she is only known to Seth -- a Seelie Sluagh who works in the library in the Ekonomicum. Seth knows her as Constance, though outside her changeling seeming she is known as Maria Eriksson. She owes fealty to a Troll lord in Sigtuna, one of the oldest towns in Sweden, which lies to the south of Uppsala on the banks of Lake Malaren.

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