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Here I preshent shome gamesh where you can drink shome beer.
I have teshted them thuru...thoru.....a lot an' they're great....
play them lotsh and fall over.

I shall be sick as a dog in the morning.


Directions of play: The more the merrier. veryone gets in a pint of whatever they like. The pints are arranged in a circle, touching as closely as possible. The competitors then take turns in attempting to bounce a coin - either an american Quarter or a british ten pence - off the table and into their own glass. If the suceed, everyone else downs their pints. If they manage to land the coin in someone else's pint, thy down the contents of their own glass. Repeat and continue until you get kicked out of the pub, and then put someone in a wheelie bin and push them down Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan, Scotland. Not that my team mates and myself have ever done anything as irresponsible as that. Oh no. Never.

James Bond Drinking Game
Lisence to get pissed.
Babylon 5 Drinking Game
Last best hope for drunkeness.
Star Wars Drinking game
Beware the drunk side of the force.
Party of 5
make this show worth watching for more than Neve Campbell.


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