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Uppsala by Night is a setting for "Vampire: The masquerade" by White Wolf games. Many of the terms and names used herein are their copyright. The concept and material here was written by David Munro, all rights reserved etc. etc. and all that jazz. Download this, copy it, use it by all means, just remember the poor bastard who spent hours working on it.

"Welcome, friend. You are new to the otherworld of our fair city are you not? I would have met you were you not. You come at a troubled time. There is much that is not well with the city. That poor Tremere girl is thoroughly out of her depth with her tasks, perhaps you are here to help her? the childe of the prince is as mad as a Malkavian, and we have lost half of our home to who knows what. Interesting times indeed my friend. We must go. It is wednesday and that means the Prince holds court. I imagine it would be prudent of you to meet him. He will be most upset if you don't. Come, I can tell you of our city on the way..."