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Name - Mark Lloyd AKA Wildside
Concept - Retired NFL player   Sire - Cohen (now antitribu)
Clan - Brujah                  Generation - 8th (raised from 10th)
Nature/Demeanor - Rogue/Bravo 


Physical : Strength 4 (Heavy Hitter), Dexterity 3 (4), Stamina 4 

Social : Charisma 3, Manipulation 2, Appearance 2.

Mental* : Perception 5 (intuitive), Intelligence 5 (analytical),
         Wits 5 (practical).
* Raised artificially by Tremere magic. 


Talents :    Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Brawl 4 (Charge + 
             Pursue), Dodge 4 (Sidestep), Empathy 2, Expression 1,
             Intimidation 4 (Menacing), Leadership 3, Streetwise 2,
             Subterfuge 2.

Skills :     Animal Ken 1, Crafts 1, Drive 2, Etiquette 1, Firearms 4 (Snapfire),
             Melee 2, Security 2, Stealth 2, Survival 1.

Knowledges : Academics 2, Computer 1, Finance 4 (Accountancy),
             Investigation 2, Law 2, Linguistics 2 (French,Italian),
             Medicine 2, Occult 2, Politics 3, Science 1.

Other Abilities (secondaries and lores) :
             Blind Fighting 1 (3), History 2, Disguise 1, Masquerade 1,

             Area Knowledge (Vancouver) 4, Area knowledge (New 
             Orleans) 4, Area knowledge (San Fransisco) 3, 
             Area Knowledge (Miami) 2, Area Knowledge (Venice) 4.

             Kindred Lore 4, Sabbat lore 1 (2), Lupine lore 3, Mage lore 2,
             Wraith lore 1, Faerie lore 1.



Disciplines : Celerity 3 (4), Potence 4, Presence 3(4), Auspex 3, Dominate 3,
              Obfuscate 3, Protean 4, Fortitude 2, Obtenebration 2,
              Mythaceria 1 (2).
              PLUS : The Iron Heart. see Clanbook : Brujah

Backgrounds : Allies 3 (BC Garou, Louisiana ratkin)
              Contacts 4 (5) (Princes of San Fransisco and New Orleans,
                          Connections to Giovanni ruling 12)
              Influence 1 (Has stakes in the Saints, 49ers and Vancouver
              Resources 2 (Owns two Clubs in Vancouver.)
              Retainers 1 (A ghoul in New Orleans. Also has the services
                           of a Vancouver Glass Walker garou accountant.)
              Brujah Status 3
              Camarilla Status 2
              Lupine Recognition 1 (A mark of respect for his destruction
                                    of a BSD hive.)
              Black Hand Membership 1 (He's not Sabbat.....)

Virtues : Conscience 3, Self Control 4, Courage 4.

Humanity 6 (5)     Willpower 9

Flaws : Intolerance (Ventrue, Mages), Phobia (Mild - Heights...except
        when he's in Bat form. That would be stupid.), Diabolical and
        infamous sire (Cohen joined the Sabbat....)(Sire related flaws 
        no longer apply).

Apparent age - 26 (b. 26/1/1962, d. 24/2/1987)
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Brown
Nationality - American
Height - 6' 2"
Weight - 242lbs

Image - Large, but otherwise utterly ordinary. Dresses for comfort and
        ease, rather than fashion, in Jeans, leather jacket, boots, 
        and an old Miami Dolphins T shirt, with black leather gloves. 
        He wears his hair short. An imposing figure, more so if he 
        uses his disciplines, but not one who would stick out in the 
Roleplaying hints - Be abrupt and Brusque. Take no hassle. If given a job, do it as efficiently as possible, then collect no matter what. Seek out anything that will kick in the adrenalin. Avoid being told what to do above all else. Your only boss is yourself, or maybe Albert. Notes - Mark was recognized by Sabbat in Berlin. These kindred forcibly inducted him into the TrueBlack Hand, but NOT the Sabbat. Mark remains fiercely independent of any ties beyond personal loyalties or employment, though the Black hand mark on his right palm can open some important doors. - Mark has had survived an Assamite assasination contract. He is thus immune to further contracts. - Mark is blood bound to one of the Gangrel he roamed with. They now rarely see each other, but Mark is like a puppy with her. Her last known location was Venice. - Mark recently destroyed his sire with the help of a Sabbat Bishop of Clan Tzimsce, in Seattle. This cost him as much as it gained. (note...this was online RP, with no experience awarded. I've added a couple of appropriate changes to this sheet in italics.)