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The Rules

Very simple...Get the beers in, and stick a Bond movie in the VCR. Whenever one of the events listed below occurs, starting from when Bond fires his gun right at the start of the film (before the prelude bit) have a drink of the relevant size. Couldn't be simpler. The measures are fairly self explanatory, so here are the times to drink.......

Take a sip when :
* There's a helicopter (one sip for each).
* There's an Explosion (GULP if it destroys something very expensive.)
* Anyone on screen drinks (GULP if it's a Vodka martini.)
* Animals appear on screen (you may want to wave this one if you're watching Octopussy.)
* For every One liner, Innuendo or pun. Funny or otherwise.
* For every Cunning Stunt.
* If a gun is fired (GULP for five or more at once, DOWN if a whole load of
  guns are fired and every single one misses.)

Take a healthy gulp when :
* Bond beds yet another woman (DOUBLE GULP if she has previously tried to kill him.)
* For each Gadget (once per use, includes the ones built into cars and when they're used
  by Q, Q branch technicians or villains.)
* Anyone delights in a gloriously silly name (like Pussy Galore, Goodnight or Onatop...)
* Moneypenny looks at Bond quite obviously in love.
* M tells bond off for something.
* Q tells Bond to pay attention.
* A villain doesn't take a perfectly good oppurtunity to kill Bond once and for all,
   instead choosing to do it in a manner that allows Bonda chance to escape.
* Bond drives a vehicle he has no reason to know how to drive. (like the tank in Goldeneye.
  As if Tank driving is standard training in the Navy...and how did he start it anyway?)
* Anyone says "007" or "Liscense to kill."

Down what you have left in your glass and cheer wildly:
* Anyone says "Shaken not stirred".
* "Bond...James Bond"
* The film's title is mentioned or appears on screen written. 

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