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I like Wolves. Don't ask me why...maybe there's a deep psychological thing, maybe I was one in a past life...dos it really matter? They're fantastic and fascinating creatures, which mankind in our arrogance have practically wiped out.

There's a site I found while browsing the net run by people in the US who seem to be doing their damndest to make sure we don't let the wolf disappear from our planet. Their web site can be reached by following this link. The pictures I have here were swiped from their site, as a taster and to encourage you to go take a look at that site, as well as because I liked them.


In addition to my love of things lupine, I'm alos incredibly fond of things Ursine. Bears are also fabulous creatures endangered by our removal of their habitats. Here's a selection of pictures I found around the net.

And for something a little different...

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